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Homepage has changed, learn why….

_My Home Page Has Changed – Did I get Hacked?

Many of us at some point in time have encountered a situation where our homepage suddenly gets changed to a little-known site. For example, you may have set as your homepage and yet when you launch the browser or click on the Home icon on the browser, an unfamiliar website springs up. This issue is quite common and can be easily resolved if you follow the steps listed below



Step 1: Remove any Unwanted or Recently installed Free Programs

Freeware is a term given to applications that we routinely download from the internet under the impression that they do not cost us a dime. While this may be true, many of these programs include elaborate terms and conditions wherein they take consent from us to install additional programs or change browser settings. In our hurry to install them, we typically click Yes on every option and do not even bother to read the terms. And thus once such a program gets installed, you would find additional changes occurring on your browser and your homepage getting changed.

To resolve this issue, use the Uninstall or Change a Program option in Windows to remove any recently installed freeware and get back your Homepage.





Step 2: Remove any unwanted or recently added Browser extensions

At times you may have added a browser extension with some other purpose but it may also be responsible for changing your homepage. Check the Extensions tab on your browser and remove any add-on which you suspect.


Step 3: Malware or Adware – Use a ANTI malware program to find the malware.


You may have downloaded a malware without knowing and it has now taken over your browser. Browser hijacking is an increasing trend and malware or dubious adware are often responsible for this activity. Use a malware checker tool to detect and remove such programs. In case a malware checker detects a suspected program but cannot remove it, immediately get in touch with one of our expert technicians.


Step 4: Run an Antivirus Scan

In some cases, it is likely that a computer virus has compromised your system and has also modified your homepage settings. In such a case, you need to update your antivirus program and run a complete system scan.


Step 5: Reset Browser Settings or Restore Defaults


Depending on your browser you would find options to restore your browser settings to default or Reset the same. In Chrome it is possible to reset the browser by clicking on Settings, Advanced and then clicking on the Reset option. This will restore the default settings and remove any recent changes done to the browser settings.


Step 6: Perform a System Restore

This here should be your last option and of course only If you are comfortable with losing a bunch of installed programs and settings, you can consider performing a system restore to get your browser back in shape. This is were a data back up is truly important because once you do the system restore there is no going back, all data (Including the malfunction) will be gone for good.



Step 7: Need Help ?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we have various options to deal with situation and can assist you right away. C



At times the preferred home page settings get changed on their own. In other words, our homepage gets hijacked and an unknown or a dubious website springs up whenever we launch the browser. If this was to occur is a clear sign that something is not right.