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Ads and pop ups all over my screen – Getting Rid of Adware

One of the quirks associated with surfing the internet is the certainty of coming across unwanted advertisements. Digital advertisements today are visible on an array of sites and are typically genuine ways of monetizing websites. However, in some cases, Ads would start appearing on your browser irrespective of which website you visit. This is at times is accompanied by unwanted pop-ups jumping on to your screen and in some cases browser redirection too may happen. Now if you are experiencing bizarre ads all over your screen, it is quite likely that you have spurious adware programs installed on your system. Usually a good anti-virus program is designed to protect your system ( Check out our top 5 anti-virus programs on this article: Top 5 anti-virus programs) but as we know they are not perfect, infections can by-pass your security and firewall. To remove such ads, Try following the stepwise process listed below:

pop up #1

1. Disconnect the Internet and Run a Virus Scan

This is the first step that you need to take in case you suspect a presence of an Adware. While Adware may not necessarily harm your privacy, some of these programs are part of malicious programs designed to compromise your system. Running a Complete Virus scan can remove suspicious programs and possibly save you from a bigger issue.

2. Disable unwanted extensions from your Web Browser

One of the most common ways that Adware makes its way into your system is through browser plugins. Check your web browser for any plugin or extension that you have installed recently and try disabling them. If it stops the ads from appearing, immediately remove the said plugin from your browser. To remove plugins in Chrome, you can take the following steps

a. From the top bar, click on More tools and then click on the Extensions tab.
b. Once the Window showcasing extensions open up, you will find all installed extensions before.
c. If there is an extension you suspect, just select it and Click on Remove. In case you are not too sure, you can just drag the bar next to the extension to the left to disable it.
d. Close all instances of your browser after you have disabled or removed an extension and then launch again to check if it worked.

If for some reason you are unable to uninstall an extension or your browser, keeps
getting hanged repeated, you may get in touch with our expert team of technicians for additional information and solutions.

3. Reset key settings of your browser including search pages and default start page

When your system is infected with an Adware, it typically changes your default start and search pages. To get them back to their original options, launch your browser and Reset these settings. To do so in Google Chrome, open up Settings, and then click on Advanced. Once the options under Advanced shows up, go to Reset and Clean Up and then Click on Reset to restore the settings to their original options.

4. Check start-up programs and disable automatic Start-up for suspicious programs

Most Adware programs are designed to launch on start-up. To stop them from starting automatically, disable any suspected programs present in the Startup list using the task manager. To do so in Windows 10, just type in Task Manager in the Run box and when the utility opens up, go to the Startup tab. Click on any application that you doubt as suspicious and then right click under the Status column and disable it.

5. Manually remove unwanted or suspicious programs
using the Control Panel

Often Adware programs get installed in our systems by piggy riding with genuine freeware programs. When the installation screen for such programs appears before us, we say yes to Typical installations which at times include supplementary adware programs. Use the Control Panel to remove any such suspicious applications. To do so in Windows 10, just type Control Panel in the Run Box and then click on Programs. In the next screen under Programs and Features, click on Uninstall a Program. When the list of installed programs opens up on the next screen, right click on the program you suspect and click Uninstall.

In case after following all the steps listed above, you still continue to see unwanted Ads then you are better off taking specialized support from experts like those at Geeks Fix It USA. In case you are looking to receive immediate support, try taking remote service support from Geeks fix it to remove Adware and other unwanted programs from your system.

Computer systems are increasingly getting infected by adware. In this article we look at ways to remove them quickly. You can always contact us if you have futher questions or need help right away: 1-888-586-6260.