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Turning off your computer regularly may prevent multiple issues

The Importance of Shutting Down your Computer from Time to Time you ask?
It seems like the idea of shutting down the computer is extremely unpopular, People (especially those who mostly rely on computers for work) just feel that the process is so time-consuming and people often do what seems to be taking the easy road.  Simply closing your laptop lid or letting your work computer go to Sleep Mode sounds a lot better than sitting around, closing every single window out and waiting for your computer to shut down. To leave your computer on is helpful when you need to get something else done or you need to save some time , all you need to do is just pop the lid or press a button to get started. No need to wait for the machine to boot up.

While this is very practical, it is always best to shut your computer down from time to time. If your computer is always in sleep mode and never been properly shut-down for days or months, you may eventually end up with a computer that lags and slows down as the days go by, or even worse your system and files getting corrupted or a broken computer.

With that been said, here are five important reasons why you need to shut down your computer every now and then:

Get faster and better computer performance

RAM or Random Access Memory handles your computer’s data and a large amount of different short-term tasks. Shutting down your computer refreshes your RAM; thus, allowing your machine to start fresh to help it run faster and more efficiently.

Avoid ‘memory leaks’

Shutting down your computer also stops ‘memory leaks.’ Every open application on your computer utilizes RAM. Upon closing the program, all that used memory gets freed up and should be ready to be reallocated to other applications.  When programs are opened and closed throughout the day, temporary files that unnecessarily take up memory accumulate in your system. Rebooting your computer regularly can help avoid this and also keep your machine running optimally.

Make your PC drives last longer

Like any component, hard drives also wear out.  Whenever your computer is on, the hard drive plates spin and the head assembly moves back and forth to read or write data. Even if your computer is not being used, the hard disk still continues to operate due to background apps and processes like antivirus scanners or system/ app updaters.

Since data is constantly being read and written, your computer uses power, which then causes heat. Heat causes drives to slow down. Shutting down your computer allows your drives cool off. It also gives the moving parts a break; thus, making your drives last longer.

Lower computer energy costs

Operating a computer, especially a high-spec one, requires a significant amount of power. Shutting down your computer when it isn’t in use will prevent the excessive and unnecessary use of electricity. This, in turn, results in a lower electricity bill for you.

Prevent other components from failing

Aside from hard drives, other computer components also eventually fail when you don’t shut down regularly. These are some of the common issues that may occur:

  • Graphic card crashes
  • Missing audio due to sound card failures
  • Permanent malfunction of the connector ports
  • Short-circuiting the circuit board

Common issues like these are mostly associated with power problems. These usually occur when a power surge happens between a certain connector and the computer. For example, a connector (audio, video, USB, etc.) may have been improperly pulled out while the computer is on sleep mode. These issues usually just require a system reboot. However, in more severe cases, you might need to replace a component or get a new computer.


Final Words on why you must shut down your computer

It may seem advantageous to just always leave your computer in sleep or hibernate mode. However, regularly shutting it down and waiting for a few minutes (or seconds) would always be better than having your machine break down or experience an issue at the middle of work. Shutting down makes sure that files and processes get properly closed, your computer’s memory gets refreshed, and your machine’s components given a rest.  So, make sure to show your machine some love and shut it down every once in a while to give it a good night rest, you can do this preferably before going to bed at night.