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Importance of Data Backup 

60% of Small Business that lose data may close down within six months”-Source: Clutch Research

In an information age, data is one of the most precious commodities that can one think of today. It would not be unfair to say that for many businesses, data is the “new oil”; a goldmine of information which helps them grow their business. However, the value of data is lost on an average computer user and even small businesses who can be lackadaisical about securing their data. This neglect is primarily responsible for our failure to manage data backups in a disciplined manner and can cause us immense grief.


Losing your Data in a System Crash Can be catastrophic for both Businesses and Individuals

Hard disk crashes are common and can result out of system heat, mechanical failures or even a power surge. Imagine a situation where the PC you are working on, goes dead one bright day. In case you have not backed up your data, you are likely to land yourself in a big mess. Data recovery services, unlike online computer repair services, can leave a big hole in your pocket. The alternate option of looking to get them back using typical recovery software may prove inadequate. Suddenly you may find that months of your work from reports and presentations to even financial data is not accessible to you. It can set you back by weeks and cause immense loss both in terms of money and time.

For businesses, losing data can cause even serious troubles. Suddenly you may find all your business records vanishing into thin air in a moment. You may lose your customer details, order details, records of your inventory and what not. At times even recovery attempts may not offer you complete data recovery and you may end up repenting your decision of not backing up your data.


Precious Memories Can be Lost

These days we rarely take hardcopy printouts of our vacation images or important occasions. Most images and videos remain stored inside computer disks. Any crash or even a virus attack can make this data inaccessible making you lose your precious memories. There have been numerous cases of people losing image files and other data even after performing a complete virus removal.


Business Can Lose the Trust of their Customers

If you are running a small business or for that matter working in a company where a data loss incident is reported, you are likely to lose the trust of your customers. In a competitive world, it would give up an opening to your rivals to highlight your inadequacies in protecting consumer data and paint you in negative shades.


Financial Losses and Mistakes can occur

Losing customer data or record of business transactions can be a nightmare scenario for small businesses. Since you do not have the old records to go with, your future dealings will get affected. A simple scenario can be a coffee shop where you give points to regular customers. With your data gone, you will be in no position to check and offer loyalty points and would possibly end up miffing your consumer base.


Without Backups, you are vulnerable to Ransomware

The Internet can be a scary place and the proliferation of ransomware has made nearly every one of us a target.  If a ransomware gets its teeth on to your system you would end up getting a message asking you to shell out money in lieu of accessing your data. In case you have not followed a proper backup plan, you may just succumb to such blackmail.


The Best Way Forward – Always Backup your Data in a Planned Manner

If you wish to avoid losing your data and risking the related scenarios, it is prudent to ensure proper backups of your data. Ideally, you should keep both local and remote backups of your data. Local back up means making a copy of your data to a USB drive or a external hard-drive. For more questions on Data Back up call us righ away!



Don’t lose your data! Doing regular back ups will have you covered in case you fall into a worse case scenario like your hard drive crashing. Call us for more information on how we can back up your data on a regular basis. Better safe than sorry!