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Advantages of a Laptop Computer over a Tablet


In the last couple of years, tablets have created a lot of buzz and are increasing in popularity Nationwide. A lot of people believe tablets are the perfect alternative to the laptops; they are convenient to tag along anywhere, and do many of the laptop functions.

This growing popularity has leveraged globally recognized computer brands to jump into the market of tablets by launching their hand-held gadget series.

We know you have asked this question before, Should I replace my laptop for a tablet?

In Todays article, we’ll discuss the key points those combined suggest the laptops still hold have an edge over the tablets. We’ve also thrown light on the critical difference between the laptop and tablet. So, sit tight because here is the main event-


Tablet Vs Laptop Comparison

1.      Performance

Well, in terms of probability tablets overpower the laptops, but in terms of performance, they lack in a big way. The laptops offer users an advanced set of functionalities & features, and let you do multitasking smoothly although tablets are increasingly offering better multitasking solutions year after year.

Now, coming to the hardware specifications segment, the laptops are way better option-greater internal storage and RAM. So, in a nutshell, undoubtedly, laptops have better specs than the tablets.

Lets also keep in mind the battery. In comparison, laptops use more powerful hardware. The battery component of the laptop is a far smaller percentage of the laptops internal components. Thus, even with the higher capacity battery of laptops, they do not run as long as a tablet.


2.      Software

While the tablets are centered on Android applications, A laptop on the other hand present a more versatile desktop experience needed to do a multifold of tasks.

When working on programs that requires in-depth system specifications such as the Photoshop, Microsoft office, and many more applications the laptop is easily the right choice.


3.      Storage

While, tablets are compact in size and have better battery efficiency, but these benefits come at the expense of internal memory storage.

A laptop has more capabilities than an iPad. Although an iPad is very mobile, it can not replace what a laptop does. The iPad pro came very close to bridge this gap, but a laptop is a laptop, and a tablet is a tablet. Laptops can come with a TB of storage (That is a whole lot of storage my laptop loving friend) whereas iPad’s are no where close.
Big win here for the laptop computer.

In addition to that, with a laptop you have the advantage of using the external hard drive, and the usb ports gives you the option to connect other gadgets like the cell phone, printer, etc.




Laptops are thicker and heavier in weight but tablets are more portable than laptops due to the fact that they are easier to carry owing to their lesser weight and thickness. Another difference is that a laptop contains a physical keyboard whereas a tablet does not have a physical keyboard.



On the flip side, the tablets generally require an additional computer system or cloud connectivity to do the back up of the files stored on the tablet, otherwise functionality would be comprised. This gives laptops an edge over the tablets, which are still being considered by many as a secondary device at home and office.


To Conclude

So, from the above tablet vs laptop computer comparison, it is easy to deduce that laptops present a greater level of flexibility and functionality, at least for now. Though portability is a fascinating aspect about the tablets, it still a TABLET.