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5 Top Antivirus Program From Our Experts


Increase in malware threats, hacking, and cyber-crime have made it a necessity to have a top-quality Anti Virus Program for your system. With a striking growth of cyber issues, it is important for the users to step up their security game and take their online security to the next level.
Choosing best antivirus programs for your pc can be a tricky challenge. Don’t worry, we are here to you pull out of the dilemma. Have a look at the top 5 Best Antivirus Programsfor your computer-

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019

Bitdefender rests at the top-most position in the list of best antivirus programs. It is easy to install a program which possesses excellent security features for your system. However, creating an online account including your email ID is required before the initial download and install. This program can cover up to 3 devices without an additional license. Also, it only works with Windows 10. Bitdefender which includes automatic updates throughout the year.


2. Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton has been keeping your systems safe for ages. The URL blocker is one of the most liked features of this antivirus program. Norton is very vigilant, and runs uninterruptedly, with scanning available on demand. Norton Antivirus Plus comes with a Norton Identity Safe, which is password manager for your browser. This is again a windows only program, limited to 1 device. 

3. WebrootSecureAnywhere Antivirus

Another best in the list, WebrootSecureAnywhere Antivirus works both on Windows and Mac. It is a lightweight antivirus solution. The program is just a 2MB download and does not require bulky updates. If you have a slow internet connection, this antivirus program will work best for you. 


4. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is compatible with windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This antivirus program is a great collection of antivirus tools. Although it’s a bit expensive than the other best anti virus programson the list, the features you get makes the cost worthwhile. This antivirus program comes with banking protection for safe online shopping, and a devise tracker/finder for your android or iOS device. Super easy to use and uber light, this program leaves minimal effect on your system performance. 


5. Kaspersky Anti-virus

Windows only compatible (and our personal favorite), Kaspersky Anti-virus focuses on the basic malware protection like filtering dangerous URLs, reverse malicious actions, etc. This antivirus program is easy to use – not too basic, not too complicated. The main features of this program are Automatic scan, simplified security management, and drive-by cryptomining infection prevention.  
If you’re looking for the best antivirus programs, we would recommend you to do your research and then choose according to your need and budget. There is ton of options with paid and free versions.

Be aware that a good antivirus program is not enough, you must always keep your computer a safe environment, making sure no suspicious emails or websites are accessed to prevent virus attacks. If you believe your computer has been compromised, You can contact our experts right away. You may also read our following blog post on virus removal: Virus and Pop ups Removal

Keep watching out this space to learn more about computer anti virus programs and keeping your computer healthy. If you have questions about what anti-virus is sutted for your computer, Call our expert technicians at Geeks Fix It USA right away.