support1What is Online Remote computer service?
Online computer remote support (SERVICES) is quick and simple computer repair
service via the internet. Do you need support but don’t have the time to schedule a visit? Geeks fix it USA offers
remote support service via live chat, email,telephone and remote control of your computer. Let one of our Microsoft
certified technicians assist you in resolving your computer and network challenges in a fast and friendly manner.
The technician can view your screen and move the mouse and keyboard safely from a remote location.

The benefits of online computer support include:
1. Fast: Receive help instantly without having to wait for a tech to arrive to you.
2. Convenient: No need to take the bulky computer to a shop or wait for an expensive in-home visit.
3. Affordable: Our costs are much lower than sending a tech to you….
this lets us charge much more affordable prices for the same high quality service as
you would receive from an onsite technician.

How safe and secure is this?
Once the connection has been established we take over your computer while you go on your normal day.
the connection is encrypted using a 128-bit key; The same high level of security used when transmitting sensitive information
online when using online banking or purchasing from reputable retailer. In addition to this you are in complete control of
the session and can take over the keyboard and mouse at anytime,;you could end the session if you wish at any time. Our main goal is
to find the malfunction on your computer and take care of it , we do not delete anything (unless is a malicious program of course)
without the users authorization.

Who is doing the work on my computer?
The troubleshooting of your system is performed by one of our industry certified technicians. When you call us to request service you will speak to our technically trained customer service representatives who will find out details of your problem and pass it on to one of our senior technicians.

Can a technician access my computer after the work is done or without my permission?
No, the connection to our system must be initiated by you the customer. Every time our experts access your computer a program is temporarily installed to allow access. Once we are finished working, we log off the session, ID and PW expires therefore no access is granted into your computer until you make the call to us.

What if the problem can not be fixed remotely?
There are times (extremely rare times)when a online remote session will not be adequate to take care of a particular problem, In those cases we will have to schedule a onsite technician to be physically at your location. But rest assure that %95 of all software related issues can be fixed remotely, we have a dedicated team of senior technicians who are ready at anytime of the day.

How much will the remote service cost?
Only a flat fee rate of $149, no additional cost or hourly rates for the service. Includes 30 days of unlimited remote service for 30 days in case you encounters further issues in the future. For more information please refer to our Remote section .

General questions regarding onsite service and our computer repair firm

How quickly will you have a technician physically sent out to my location?
We can usually have a tech out to you withing 24-48 hours

How qualified are the technicians from Geeks Fix it USA?
Our technicians handling support have a minimum of 3 years computer repair & support experience and carry a variety of industry certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco.

How much will the service cost me?
We have a veriety of options: Flat fee, Hourly Rate and Monthly Subcriptions. more info

How long does it take to solve a problem?
Most support sessions take about two to three hours. The session may be much shorter or longer depending on the number of and severity of issues. In some cases when a computer is heavily infected with viruses and/or spyware, work may need to continue by doing an in-home or in-office onsite visit by one of our certified technical experts.

Is your work guaranteed?
We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If you ever have a questions or concerns over a service, our customer satisfaction team is ready to make sure you are happy with your service.Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can be recurring but not necessarily due to poor service on our part. For example some computers are reinfected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place.If you have service performed and are not happy with the results we will work with you to complete the job to your satisfaction.